10 Ways to Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Business (Part 2)

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6th March 2017
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10 Ways to Make Customers Fall In Love With Your Business (Part 2)

Be constructive when you receive a complaint.

Not having customer complaints is not always an indication that all of those who’ve done business with you are happy with your customer service. Most unsatisfied customers simply shut their mouths and choose to take their business elsewhere rather than complain.

When you receive a complaint, it’s an indication that your business is already having some problems with customer satisfaction. Only a very small percentage take the time to complain when they are unsatisfied with a certain business. If you hear one complaining, be sure to listen because this will give you an idea on the real score on your customer satisfaction rating.

Once you’ve listened to the problem, be constructive. After determining that it is indeed a cause for concern, then take the necessary steps because this can save you from losing your other customers.


Exceed customer expectations.

Your greatest competitor is not always the business that caters to the same niche that your business belongs to. Some look at their neighbors and provide the same type of service. Doing this will fail to make you stand out for real. What you can do instead is look at your own efforts. Then, find some way to improve this. Exceeding expectations will make people remember you.

Provide different channels for people to get in touch with you.

Individuals have their own preferences of communicating with people and businesses. Fans of traditional communication may try to get in touch with you using your phone line. The younger ones on the other hand may try to look up your business on social media websites like Facebook and Twitter. Some smartphone users may want to connect with you through a mobile app.

If you serve an audience of different age groups, you need to be able to connect with them, bridging the generational gaps. Your lines of communication should be able to cater to all of them. Have a website and a phone line, build your social media pages, and be mobile friendly so that customers can easily get in touch with you in way that makes them feel comfortable.

Invest in after-sales service.

You should not stop after you’ve made your sale. If it’s possible for you to communicate with your customers to see if they are satisfied doing business with you, then do so. Phone companies do this by calling them on the phone. Some businesses use the power of social media. Others make use of email.

Additionally, you should also make them remember having had contact with you just in case they might need something from you in the future. For online transactions, you can do this by asking customers to sign up to your newsletter.

Be sure that you have the capacity to deliver your promises.

If you know early on that you will not be able to meet a promise, then don’t make them begin with. Customers get annoyed when businesses issue promises they could not keep. If you have a disgruntled customer, you are better off sending your apologies instead of promising things you cannot keep.

Be generous with your time.

Among the commodities that you have to offer, people value your time more than any other. With this said, make it a point to give time to your customers. The people you will be talking to are still in the process of deciding whether they want to conduct business with you or not. If you are not stingy with your time and prove yourself patient to answer any queries that they might have, you are already in the process of winning yourself a new customer.


Great customer service should be observed on all levels.

Do not just leave all the responsibility to your customer service team. Any of your employees could easily have contact with your customers that is why it’s imperative that they should be courteous at all times.  Lead by example if it’s needed.

Hope that with the tips above, you will be able to grow your business and your customer base. Good luck!

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