About Us

About Compass Business Support

Core Values

  • Freedom – Freedom to be yourself, to bring forward ideas, to develop & grow , to make decisions & to help our client become free!
  • Fun – We all have fun whilst making money and helping others
  • Teamwork – everyone works together to achieve our goals
  • Results focused – focusing on results for our clients, team and personally

About Kath

I love being in business! Both my parents and grandparents owned their own successful businesses and I guess it was just in my blood. When I was very young I was always setting up a stall in the street to sell something, whether that was pot plants (which were mum’s) or tickets to the latest dance performance we had created. I loved it!

When I had the amazing opportunity to create a “real” business with my husband, it just felt right. I knew this is what I was meant to be doing! So, after many learning curves over the last 10 years, starting a 2nd business and selling it, I realized I had found my passion. BUSINESS! Not just business but making a business run efficiently to give us freedom.

The best way to do that is with an Operations Manual full of systems, procedures and checklists. What I created was a business that was run by a series of systems, which in turn meant that I didn’t have to be there. I am there now because I want to be. Having these systems in place means I can fulfill my other passion, travel. I am lucky to have travelled to many amazing parts of the world including our own sunburnt country!

I want you to be able to do the same, have the freedom to do what you’re passionate about. It’s all just a matter of putting the right systems in place for your business.

That’s where we can help!