Systems Health Check


The purpose of this health check is to analyse your ‘business systems’ with a focus on daily operational activities in all key areas of the business, including payroll, invoicing, finance, client services, client management, rostering, document management system, HR, training, safety, social media any other activities required to manage the organisation. At the end of the Health Check the ‘gaps’ will be identified.

The objective is to determine the areas of the business that require systems to be created and implement and to determine which areas of the business already have documented systems that are working well. Determine which position is responsible for each task.

The deliverables to be achieved from the Business Systems Health Check is for Compass Business Support to highlight the areas of your business that could be improved with the implementation of systems.

Key Areas
Each of the key areas in your business needs systems for the business to run efficiently and effectively.

What next?
Compass Business Support is offering complimentary review sessions to discuss the results of your health check. We offer a number of services that will remove your ‘gaps’ including Business Analysis, accountability structures, advise and implementation of systems, assistance with financial targets, assistance with recruitment, big picture planning and business growth strategies.