Top 6 Useful and Friendly Apps for Small Business


The rise of smartphones also paved way for a different breed of technology that everyone can enjoy. From games, fashion, videos, social media, lifestyle, news and even productivity, there is a mobile app that suits everyone’s needs. We are also seeing more entrepreneurs and small business owners take the initiative of using apps to cater to their needs, such as productivity and accounting. With are so many apps to choose from, which apps are best for small businesses? It really depends on your needs, but we have listed some mobile apps that might be very useful for your small business. Here are our top 6 mobile apps:

  1. Evernote. Evernote is a great freemium app (an app that be availed for free, but can be bought for its premium features). It is a great app that lets you organize, archive and take notes, as the name implies. This app can be shared by different people within your small business, and it is great for collaborative effort when inspiration strikes.



  1. Slack. Slack is a cloud-based, instant messaging mobile app. It is a great tool for communication within the team. It has a desktop and mobile version and a mobile app version. So whether you are in front of your computer, laptop or outside on your mobile, you never have to miss an important update or message from any of your team members.


  1. RescueTimeRescueTime is a great time tracking and productivity app for freelancers and small business owners. The basic and light version is free, and the extended version is currently priced at $9.00 per month. Some of the features are tracking time spent on different websites and programs, as well as time spent away from the computer. Users can set their daily goals and keep them alerted once they achieve their goals.

  1. TrelloTrello is a very useful project management app that lets members of the team collaborate on a project. The interface is quite seamless and user-friendly. One of the great features of this project management up is the use of checklist, which lets everyone know which tasks are already done. You may also sync it with all your devices. It is free if you have a small team, and for bigger companies they have the Business Class and the Enterprise.


  1. Xero. Xero is a user-friendly accounting software that has great features for small business. Some features include Invoicing, Inventory Tracking, Bank Reconciliation, Bills Payment, Acceptance and Runs, Expense Claims and so much more. Xero can be availed at 30-day trial period. According to an article, which compared the popular Quickbooks versus Xero, Xero wins when it comes to ease of use and product features, although Quickbooks still outsell them.


  1. Dropbox. Dropbox is a popular choice for secure file sharing and collaboration with over 500 million users worldwide. The platform lets users upload files in one place, share with others within the team, and can be synced and accessed from multiple devices. It is great for small business owners who may be always on-the-go.

Apps and smart devices have changed the way people live, and also the way they do businesses. It is clear that they will become more essential in the near future. These are just some apps which we find helpful for small businesses. Care to share what are yours? Any thoughts?


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