What We Do

What We Do

In short, we give you FREEDOM! Compass Business Support is totally geared to the small business office manager, the person running the business, handling administration tasks, the person who, day in and day out, ensures the quotes go out, the bills get paid, the team are remunerated and the government is reported to. We work with all small businesses and specialise in the building and construction industry, working along side the tradies' wives.

We help you to implement systems, structures and processes which ensures every important task is completed consistently and effectively and can be performed by any team member.

We Do This Through

  • Helping you identify the areas within your business that are causing you grief because they are not working effectively, such as bookkeeping, managing subcontractors, payroll, contracts, BAS and quoting
  • One on one support to teach you to structure, systemise, automate and implement each task to give you freedom
  • Workshopping away from your business to further develop and implement your systems in a supportive environment with other business owners and managers just like you
  • Online membership to our exclusive cache of checklists, templates and instruction guides to ease your way through every major business activity

How We Do It

1-on-1 support

1 On 1 Support

Our team can come to you. Find out exactly what is missing in your business to help it run like clockwork. From there we can either:

- provide you guidelines and templates for creating your own systems
- help you write the systems
- implement a software programme where all your systems can be stored, accessed, changed and updated
networking events

Networking Events

Compass Business Support understands how important it is to generate a great network of people to do business with. We run regular networking events with amazing guest speakers ,great food and awesome local business owners just like you!