Why we love systems and you should too!

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14th August 2017
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22nd May 2018

Why we love systems and you should too!

Like most small business owners starting out, I thought that running my own business would mean FREEDOM. In fact, I was pretty excited no longer to have a boss, but to BE the boss.

How WRONG I was! All that happened was that I was chained to my business for more hours than I had ever worked as an employee. This was not what I signed up for!

This all changed with one magical word: SYSTEMS! 

Creating an operations manual full of documented systems and processes for every aspect of the business is an extremely undervalued component but an absolute necessity for a successful business.

Your Operations Manual is the “How we do it here” book for your business.

So why should you love systems?

This Acronym sums it up completely.









  1. Save Time

Systems are the key to freeing up your time. By having systems to follow, this allows you to increase efficiencies in your business. By performing tasks the same way each times saves time. You’ll spend less time building ad-hoc systems, finding information and searching for solutions. This gives you more time generate new business or complete current projects more efficiently.

You will also be able to delegate systemised tasks confidently to others. Even if you can’t afford to employ a team straight away, it may be an option for you to offshore some of the tasks you have documented. Training your team becomes faster. They learn to follow a specific step-by-step system for each task. When your team can operate the systems without you, this gives you the most freedom. This is when you are able to take a much needed holiday knowing that your business will operate just as well (if not better) without you there. The business can now operate independently of you! When was the last time you had a break?

  1. Save Money

Having well documented Systems in your Operations Manual saves you money. How? Well just think about this. If you are following a well documented system, nothing gets missed. You won’t forget to charge clients (saving you money), you won’t have outstanding or overdue debtors (saving you money), you will have a process for following up on all quotes (giving you a far greater chance of winning the work therefore, saving you money), you can manage the bottom line and see where your profit is (saving you money), manage your team and their productivity (saving you money) and do things faster which maximises profits.

Get the picture?

  1. Save Energy

It can be exhausting being a business owner. You have carry out many tasks. When those tasks are systemised, or better still automated, this improves efficiencies and saves wasting energy. 

  1. Save Stress

Knowing that all tasks in your business are carried out consistently, efficiently, cost effectively and automatically will reduce your stress levels. You have bigger things to worry about – like booking your next holiday!

A few other reasons why you should love systems:

  1. Create Consistency

There is a saying “Consistently bad customer service is better than inconsistent customer service.” Customers get confused if they don’t know what to expect. They are likely to shop elsewhere and not tell you why. With systems in place, you are going to create excellent consistency and consistently excellent customer service in your business. Your customers are going to know exactly what to expect with every interaction. Customers will keep coming back! This leads to greater team satisfaction as your team know exactly what to deliver each and every time.

  1. Increased business value

A fully systemised business can be worth up to 7 times more than it would be if it were not systemised.

Can you imagine the day you sell your business and you simply hand over the operations manual to the new owner and walk away. The new owner can take the business and run with it. Without systems in place your hand over time would be much longer. You would be required to show the new owner everything you know about the business.

With systems in place, a potential purchaser can see the value in the business as the business can run independently of you. The profit potential of the business doesn’t walk out the door when you do.

So not only will be business be worth more, you won’t be required to train the new owner for months on end.

Starting your operations manual can seem like a daunting task but believe me

I know from first hand experience how important systems are in a business. My husband had a motorbike accident, broke his pelvis in 2 places and ended up in hospital 3 hours from our home. I was able to leave our businesses to be with him and the businesses ran just as efficiently without either of us there.

What would happen to your business if you were sick or injured and couldn’t work for a period of time?

I’m sure you can now see the value in having Systems in place in your business.

For more information on how to get started email hello@compassbusinesssupport.com.au, get in touch with us on Facebook or Instagram or give me a call on 0756677556

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